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About us

ERYIA Online Education was created at the initiative of its founder Eva Bošković. After graduating with honors from her Master's degree studies and travelling the world for two years, Eva decided to put into practice everything she had learned that far.

Her background in teaching of English and German as foreign languages and additional training through travel in more than 30 countries have helped her experience both the good and the bad of online teaching. With careful consideration, she managed to transform the knowledge she obtained into a place on the internet where online language education is most efficient and accessible to everyone.

ERYIA Online Education makes it possible for all interested participants to attend foreign language courses of the highest quality from the comfort of their own home, at no extra cost and without losing any free time. The courses are taught exclusively by experts in the field of foreign language education in order to provide the most contemporary approach based on the latest findings in the field of language teaching theory. All course programs offered in ERYIA Online Education are in line with European standards and the CEFR.

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